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Night 2 on a 12″ – Perfection 16 mattress and I’m hooked! For the first time in over a year, I’ve slept for more than 3 or 4 hours. Night 1, I slept 11 hours; night 2, I out-did it and slept 12 hours! I can feel my injured body healing.

The service you are providing to your customers is not just a good night’s sleep, but a therapy for pain and suffering. This is the second day in a row that I didn’t wake up and grab for my bottle of pain pills. THANK YOU! My doctors did the best thing they could have done for me in prescribing your product!

Diane F

Dear Lee,

Thank you for helping us find the perfect mattress! I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping with the latex foam mattress than with my innerspring mattress. I wake up without the stiffness and most of the back pain I’ve been living with for over 5 years. On top of that, being pregnant has brought on a whole new set of symptoms for restless nights – until now. I’m sleeping great and thanks for your great service.


Diane M

I have a child that is recovering from Autism and suffers daily with Fibromyalgia.  He has very high levels of toxic metals. Two weeks ago, out of need I picked up a mattress toper for myself. I have been sick for two weeks. Not even thinking of the connection just looking for a mattress for my son. I called Sleep Essentials and talked to the owner. Our conversation became very interesting. I told him that I was looking for a mattress for my son. He went into detail about no chemicals and I responded with the symptoms of a horible two weeks for myself. I have had little sleep. Waking up every night on my new mattress tipper with my back burning all the way to my feet. Feeling ehxausted I went to the doctors who put me on an antibiotic with no relief. My children almost missed Easter because I felt so sick! After talking to Lee and putting it all together I realized just how important this phone call ended up.
Thanks Lee!!!

Andrea H

I ended up following one link to another and inadvertently found one of your YouTube videos of your “Complete Mattress Education”. That led me to your website and at that point I watched the entire series in chronological order. I learned MUCH from them, but the most important thing I learned was that I was about to throw away more than $1600 for the simple reason of getting a new TV! As a result, I probably would’ve wound up inflicting more pain to my back because of the support issues you described in your videos, and most likely would’ve had to purchase yet another mattress set in a short period of time.

Additionally, I never would have known of the fire retardant issues in which you enlightened me. That, in and of itself concerns me to the point I no longer wish to purchase any mattress with fire retardants used in the manufacturing process.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I purchased the medium Latex Mattress after reviewing Lees you Tube Videos. I had bad Luck with Serta,Stern and Fosters and after spending a whole bunch of Money we decided to try the Latex and oh boy, I love the Mattress. I am sleeping better and my back pain is gone.

Thanks Lee.


My children had an immediate skin reaction in a furniture store while we were looking at mattresses, standing next to (and not touching) the small, layers/core sample showing what a Tempur-Pedic mattress is made of. The salesman said the children must be allergic to the latex in it. After having my children skin tested for latex and finding no reaction to latex, we had yet to find the cause. We now know, thanks to you, it may be the flame retardant chemicals in mattresses that was the cause of their skin reactions.

Knowing that these chemicals are in something which we are in contact with for so much time is very disturbing. We are looking forward to sleeping well on your chemical free mattresses!

Lisa D

When we moved into our house in February, 1969 we bought a king size latex mattress from Sears. It has been a very comfortable mattress for 41 years. it has lasted through 3 sons, and several dogs and cats.

Our old mattress was a 5 inch thick latex and it was comfortable until the end. We kept it for so long because we never found a good replacement until this year when we bought a new latex mattress from Sleep Essentials.

John S

I’ve spent countless hours researching memory foam, foam beds, and mattresses in general. On one hand it seems like I know nothing because for everything I learn, someone comes along and claims something that contradicts what I thought I knew. But when I came across your site I found myself nodding and saying to myself this is what I’ve been looking for. No BS and just quality foam without the marketing spin.

David H

My tongue hurts. It’s kind of itchy…sort of tingly, and definitely “not right.” And it’s not just my tongue that hurts – my lips feel prickly and swollen, and the back of my throat has blisters on it.

My mouth problems began about four months ago when my husband and I treated ourselves to one of those super-cushy mattress toppers. When we unwrapped the foam pad portion of the mattress cover it had a very, very strong chemical smell. But because the paperwork explained that a strong odor upon opening was normal, we didn’t worry too much about it.

My mouth issues began the very first evening of off-gassing. As night turned to morning I could actually feel the chemicals on my tongue, down my throat, and in my lungs. I was nauseous and headachy most of the next day.

Paula F

Around the age of three, our son started having intermittent and mysterious bouts of vomiting in the mornings after he got up. It wasn’t like the flu, because he didn’t have a fever, and he was usually completely recovered by early afternoon.

Needless to say, finding Sleep Essentials was a godsend! The 100% latex mattress we bought for our son has completely ended this problem for him. The only time he has had a recurrence of this problem is when he slept with his bathrobe on, and lo and behold, his bathrobe is made with flame-retardant fleece. So that’s been thrown out, too! It’s very scary to think that all the chemicals in the old mattress were doing that to him. Hopefully there has been no long-term damage to his health. The mattress has probably saved him in more ways than one. So, thank you, Lee! He loves that mattress.


honestly do not know what exactly I have been reacting to in the new mattress, but it is certainly severe and leaves me unable to breathe without medication. From the first night of moving into the spare bedroom recently (an ancient mattress), I could breathe again and have not had the bronchitis, allergy symptoms or sinus infection which had become the norm for me for the past 2 months.

I don’t think the mattress I bought is lethal and in fact I’ve seen tons of memory foam stuff in stores lately (so someone’s sleeping on memory foam successfully), I just think that whatever is in the foam is not good for me or my girls to be around – and maybe for anyone to be around, but we were just “lucky” enough to react severely and so we can’t sleep on the “solidified gas” memory foam!


Me and my husband purchased one of these mattresses from you about a year ago. Since then, we have been sleeping great and we wake up feeling refreshed. One of our priorities was to purchase a mattress that would be worth the money and provide us with years of quality and comfort. We feel that this purchase has been well worth the money and our mattress still looks like it did the day we bought it. There is no sagging or identions to be found. We are more than satisfied knowing we made the right decision. Thank you!


For years I spent many nights tossing and turning. I would sleep, but awaken without feeling rested. Since my husband and I bought our new mattress I find myself more rested. The mattress has also helped by giving the support necessary to alleviate my back problems. We are very pleased with our new mattress.

Sherri K

We are so thankful to you! Our thanks comes in two stages. The first after hearing your videos posted on the web almost a year ago at which point we got rid of our mattress. Michael’s breathing improved almost immediately and we both woke up more refreshed. But nothing compares to having the new mattress. It is incredibly well designed. I guess the credit for that goes to you. It is an uncanny combination of firm and yet comfortable.

So thank you so much. The allergy thing is huge, but the comfort is also a very big deal! Best Regards,


We used our latex mattress for 35 years! About the 33rd year we noticed that the cover was wearing out in a few spots, so we simply encased it with a zippered cover. This worked well up until the 34th year, when we noticed it beginning to sag slightly, but we still slept comfortably during the 35th year while we searched for a replacement. (Our original mattress manufacturer had closed their business.)

Our latex mattress has been well worth the investment. My younger brother married about 24 years ago. He’s had three mattresses while we were still using the first latex mattress I’d purchased. You do the math!


Still love my bed!! I can’t remember if it was 2013 when we purchased our bed, which is significant because I used to think about beds all the time. My bed is still like new. It is soft but has great support.

I just had to thank Lee for the hassle free purchase and the education he gave us on beds.

Thank you for the perfect bed!

Sharon C

Lee, I can’t thank you enough for relieving my body that has suffered so long. Just a few days a good sleep on the new bed have stopped the pain in my hips and my energy is increasing. I wish I know about the latex mattresses when I was much younger. It was worth every penny.

Thank you so much for your research and sharing the truth about what is going on behind our backs. I will be spreading the word to all I encounter.


We are over joyed with our new mattress. My husband and I had been a sleep number fan for decades and I was growing tired of waking up with back aches so I started researching YouTube for best mattresses. I ran across Lee’s educational video and watched it through its entirety, i compared it to other brands sold online and I could feel Lee was in a league of his own. I could feel His sincerity and was overall impressed of his knowledge of mattresses and its material. My husband and I are both environmentally countious and concerned about harmful checmicals used to make what we bring into out home.

Thank you for what you and your staff do so your customers are able to sleep restful and well. Now, the only problem is…I don’t want to get out of bed!

God bless.

I got a bed from you a couple of years ago. I have slept the best I have ever slept since my purchase. It supports where you need it, does not smell terrible from the fire retardant chemicals, and still sleeps as fresh and supportive as it did night one. I bought the bed from you over two and half years ago – I believe. I sleep on my stomach, sides, back and everything in between and I no longer wake up sore and unrested. There is also not a noticeable dip in the bed as you would expect for a twin bed and having to sleep in the same spot. I am a lifetime loyal customer to Sleep Essentials.

I will also add as far as customer service goes, the rep that was there when I testing out the bed was very patient and friendly. I think I tested those beds at the Roanoke location for over an hour. He was quick to get me checked out and thorough in the set up.


This entire experience has been above my expectations. Your guys (forgive me for forgetting their names) were outstanding! I loved the way Jacob?? would explain things as he went through the set-up. He has all the qualities of a great teacher. His partner was very focused on getting each part “just right”. First, they called to let me know when they would arrive – they hit the mark on the minute. I still can’t believe they assembled all the bed in such a short time. I do appreciate their extra care to leave everything better than they found it.

The bed is awesome! Far better than I expected!!! Napped yesterday afternoon and 9 hours of sleep last night – have not slept that well in years. Just wanted you to know and Lee too that you serve well… Dorothy Sayers’ quote, “Work is the gracious expression of creative energy in the service of others.” Thanks for honoring God by the way you work!

A Very Satisfied Customer!

First of all, thanks so much for what you are doing for the public! I’m so very much in support of your efforts to make chemical free mattresses.

My family has personal experience with the toxic effects of chemical laden mattresses. I purchased a memory foam mattress from a big name company in 2003. Nine years later, when my daughter (seven years old at the time) started sleeping on this mattress, she began a rapid onset of early puberty. This all happened in the space of a couple of months. It took a little while for us to suspect the mattress, but once we took her off the mattress and put her on an organic one, the progression stopped very quickly and we even saw some regression from the point she was at that time.

I am a senior citizen and after all these years have finally found a mattress that is so comfortable and absolutely wonderful. Truly, I have never ever had a mattress that has been this comfortable. It gives great support while not feeling like you are sleeping on a board. I have had it over a year now and have never had any regrets.. Absolutely give it a try you won’t be sorry. It is non-toxic latex and there is no off-gassing either.


The bed is fantastic. I get in it and I fall asleep almost instantly. Because of my severe degenerative arthritis, I have a special neck pillow that prevents my neck from being pulled to the left when I sleep. So far, for the past 2 nights I have fallen asleep before I can get my neck pillow on.

The other thing is I record The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC to watch before I go to sleep. Well, forget that. I haven’t made it to the first commercial, yet. In fact, I haven’t made it far enough through her opening introduction to even know what the night’s first episode’s going to cover.

I’m gone almost immediately that my head hits the pillow. After sleeping on the couch for the last several months—too many to comfortably count—because my 23-year old spring mattress bed was no longer capable of being slept on, my Latex foam rubber Lee Carter Sleep Essentials bed is almost unbelievably comfortable to sleep in and on.

For the last 10 years, I’ve had a chiropractic issue where one of my ribs spontaneously dislocates. It can be very painful. If I catch it quick enough, and go to the chiropractor it’s usually fine for the next 30-60 days.

I am happy to report that, since purchasing your mattress, my rib has not dislocated even once, and I am relatively pain free. I don’t mean to suggest that all chiropractic issues are solved by your mattress. But I wanted to add my testimonial to your collection, that (in MY case) I have seen a drastic improvement in my “upper spine” alignment. And that (for ME) the money spent on your mattress is more than offset by my reduced chiropractic bills and lack of nagging pain.

Thank you for taking the time to research this subject so thoroughly, and for telling your customers the truth. You are not just selling a quality product, you are also helping people improve their lives. I truly believe that. Keep up the good work.

Aloha Lee, Just letting you know that your beautiful mattresses arrived ahead of schedule and Theresa and I just love them! Very comfortable and we’re sleeping well!

Thank you for going the extra mile in helping us to select the best firmness level for us and for educating the American public on a chemical-free alternative to mattress selection.


Lee, My wife and I bought a king size twin mattress set and reclining beds from you almost 2 years ago. We have not posted a review as things have gotten busy in our lives, but we absolutely love our bed. Our daughter slept on it for a few nights when we were gone and she said it felt like sleeping on a cloud! So, our compliments to you and your latex mattresses. We will be sure to post a review for you.

We would like to order some brackets to mount a headboard to our bed. Do you have these?


So happy that my mattress buying research found Sleep Essentials. I recently purchased the Perfection™ 30 because it provided two features that I wanted–a specific degree of firmness and none of the chemicals found in fire retardant lining in other mattresses.

I did considerable research looking for a mattress that could relieve an aching back and possibly relieve sinus/allergy issues. This company provided the most in the education of mattress buying.

The guys who delivered and set up the mattress were the best. They not only were efficient in putting the mattress together, but they put the sliders under the frame footing for me and were accommodating and patient as I had them move the mattress to an exact placement in the room.

I’m now a happy mattress client

HELP….Bob and I are sleeping so well……we don’t get up until 9AM or sometimes later. We are running behind all day trying to catch up on our retirement hours. Our new mattress is keeping us in bed 9 or 10 hours each night….and it is WONDERFUL. The BEST MATTRESS we ever had.

Love it…and telling everyone. Thanks again for helping us.


Bought your split king adjustable from your Raleigh, NC store and LOVE it! I’m a side sleeper and my hips and shoulders were hurting and my back was stiff. Not anymore!!! Love the massage too. It feels good to my body and it feels good to my mind knowing that I’m not sleeping on toxic chemicals!!!! Thanks Lee! oh, and it helps with my husbands snoring!


I have back pain and have had difficulty sleeping for years. My doctor recommended that I buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress. After months of visiting big box mattress stores and being frustrated, I watched the video and tried Sleep Essentials. I’m glad I did! I purchased a split King and Glideaway frame. Really great people to work with and my best night’s sleep ever! Thank you Lee, keep up the good work!

Hello Lee, I wanted to follow up with you about my mattress purchase from your company. Again, I am the woman who went through three mattresses from three different companies. Two had a bad chemical smell and one caused physical reactions like nausea, headache, swollen eyes and dizziness after three hours of sleeping on it.

I was worried about sleeping on the bed after all my bad experiences with three others and so waited a few days before I tried it out. I have now slept on it for three nights and have never slept better! No smelly emissions, just wonderful comfort. I was ecstatic.

Thank you so much for your consummate product. Even though it was not easy to lift and put together (two people are needed) it was well worth it.


My bed experience over the years can be summed up with the famous fairy tale:

This bed is too soft
This bed is too hard
Ah! This bed from Sleep Essentials is just right!

Please keep educating people with your videos. It is because of you and your video that the quality of my life is improving.


When I came into your store I was utterly and completely exhausted from literally years without enough sleep. I fell 3 times in 2012-2013 as well and injured my back each time. Due to these injuries and my innerspring mattress I was having a terrible time sleeping and it had progressed to where I was having back spasms every night when I laid down, several times throughout the night, every morning when I got up, and for a couple hours after I got up. After about a week of sleeping on this mattress my back spasms went away. I still have the injuries, but I am now able to rest and recuperate at night. Not only that, but I feel better in the mornings…..more alert and rested and ready to conquer the day. I have told everyone that wants to listen how much better life is with one of your mattresses. Hopefully it will pay off for you one day. So, I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you and to tell you how your product has helped me.


Dear Lee, My wife and I want to thank you for introducing us to the latex mattress. We both agree that it is the best mattress we have ever slept on! We have had many matresses in the past, but nothing has compared to this one. We slept wonderfully the first night and it has been the same ever since.

We would recommend this mattress to anyone who wants a good night sleep without any neck or back pains. The latex mattress has worked wonders for us! Thanks again!


Think a latex mattress will not last long? Think again. This is an email we received from a customer this week.

“Hello, Lee, I just finished watching your video on mattresses, and was pretty impressed with what appeared to be your honesty. Do you have any dealer in Danville who carries your products? I don’t have too much money, but still, I’ve been sleeping on a very comfortable latex mattress since 1963 and since it’s now crumbling, I am thinking it’s time to make a change.”


I am very happy i did a research after being fooled into one of those ( probably re-used) pu foam crap matrasses from a big retailer. I have after his mattrass crapped out on me after a half year gone back to my old latex mattrasses from 1995. They were old but still better than this new shit he sold me probably from somebody else. I am so happy to have found your website. I am glad for all the research I have done and watched on your website how you compared the mattrasses and how you reinforced my suspicion about all the fraud thats been done with customers money re mattrasses and their so called warranties which dont pay anyways…. I found my perfect one for me- Your guy in the Richmond store suggested the right mattress combination for me. I absolutely love it. I can toss and turn and find no position to be uncomfortable. I totally love it. I am finally getting quality sleep. Thank you for selling me an awesome product without harmful chemicals.

I don’t know how to spread the word without sounding crazy! I did my research and found your product the very best! If I could, I’d return the Memory Foam mattress I bought for my daughter last year. She loves it, but she doesn’t know any better, she’s 14. So, there, my full confession. I’m a happy Latexer for life!

Thanks! I’ve not had this kind of satisfaction with a product in a long time. Definitely never had so much to say in favor of a product that has so much to do with my every day and night health. And to think, I don’t even know you that well. I couldn’t pick you out in a police line up if my life depended on it!

I think your product’s only competition is my dealings with The quality of the Weber Grills and their Help line and the Food Saver quality and product help.

Just thought I’d drop a line and tell you that the latex mattress is working out well. It got here on the 14th (only took 5 days… fantastic!) and the mattress cover got here two days after that. So…we’ve had it a week now. It took several days to get used to, but we’re liking it more and more. Neither one of us has had back or neck pain since we’ve got our latex mattress. HURRAY! And we’re also liking that it does not have any synthetic,man-made, cancer-causing (amongst other things) crap in it like the other mattresses out there.

Thanks again for all your help and promptness in sending everything so fast! Thank you for having healthy mattresses so that those of us who care about our health and well-being do not have to sleep on what Big Brother “okays” for our “safety.” lol! We certainly will be spreading the good word about your outfit!

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our new king size bed!!! It is the best thing we’ve ever done! Sleep is so important and my husband’s back was giving him trouble. No problems now on our new bed.

Thank you!!!

Juliet Lounsbury

Night 2 and not a single pain anywhere, honestly I don’t remember ever in my adult life waking up without something hurting somewhere. I already am loving the mattress, just have to get used to that “soft” feel. I’m sure that it isn’t soft, rather more like I have always slept on a bad mattress. I will get the mattress protector asap. (King Koil, Beauty Rest, Serta or Sealy and Sleep Number are what I’ve had in my adult life)

Thanks again!


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