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Adjustable Beds

Complete Adjustable Bed Education Video

What is important to you in an adjustable bed?  Are lights under the bed really important?  What about USB ports on the side of the bed?  Most people simply want an adjustable bed that lifts the head and feet.  They want to get in a comfortable position like "zero gravity" and most other features are secondary.  One other very important feature is the "wall hugger" feature.  But sadly, most companies advertise wall hugging, which keeps you close to your side table when sitting up, but falsify that feature.  In this video we teach what reall wall hugging is and all the other features that are available in adjustable beds.  For example, the tilt feature is a very useful feature for those who need elevation but sleep on their sides.  Programmable positions are another very useful feature most people want.  Please watch this video and learn almost all you need to know about adjustable beds.

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